History of the cottage and its renovation

1921: Originally from Ploëren, my Grand Parents bought this farmhouse and stable in ruins. The surrounding fallow land was entirely reconditioned.

1925: They rebuilt the house and stable.

1940: They had gargoyles sculpted and set into the corners of the roof (Crossettes, chasse-vilain, Moque-vilain). These sculptures came from the beliefs of the time. They built a well so that the cows and horses could drink. The fallow land was farmed and abundant crops of potatoes were grown there and then sold on a cart from Le Moustoir in Vannes.

They had dairy cows for milk and butter, and bullocks and pigs for meat. What they produced fed the family and the rest was sold on site.

In the orchard, the harvesting began in July and went on until September. Then the cider press, drawn by the horses, produced cider.

Wheat was threshed with a flail so as not to damage the straw which would be used to make thatched roofs: a standard process back then.

The wheat was threshed with neighbours. It lasted several days and was a long and hard task, but the ritual feast would follow and everyone would sit round the table on benches, where they would be served bacon soup, salted beef, buckwheat gruel, bacon, slices of pork, sausages, pig’s trotters, Breton far (flan), Breton cake, all washed down with cider, and finished off with a drink from the still.

1947: My parents followed and continued the farm activities, but making a few changes. The horses were replaced by tractors and farm hands were hired for the threshing and ploughing. They raised their five children to the rhythm of the farm.

2010: We took over this farm in September 

2012. We had it renovated. The old stable became our house with 4 guest rooms under the sloping roofs. The stone building was preserved in its original state. The interior has been renovated to low-energy house standards for greater comfort and to have less impact on the environment.

We would be happy to welcome you if you wish to see the changes, make a suggestion, or book a room.